It doesn’t get any better than this! This is tribute to the most innovative 80s music duo, The System. Founded by lead singer/guitarist Mic Murphy and keyboard/synthesizer David Frank, they have produced kick ass tracks for their albums and for other musicians such as Chaka Khan, Scritti Politti, and Angela Bofill. In this page, you’ll find how much I admire their work and themselves. BTW, I’m still adding more stuff as the days go by.

Anyways, I’ve been keeping in contact with the duo…on FACEBOOK! I’m also happy to announce that The System is working on a new album! I’ll let you know when their new album is being released.

Also, check out David Frank’s website:

Special Thanx:

I want to thank David Frank for adding this site on his blogroll. I also want to thank Mic Murphy for sending me the press photos.

You guys rock my socks!