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I got every member signing in my new sketchbook. Mic enjoyed seeing me getting my groove on, Paul loved my art stuff in the pages, and David was extremely flattered with my love for the music and enjoyed viewing my artwork on The System Fan Page on Facebook. They were so gracious to give autographs and take pictures with fans, friends, and fellow musicians. My month of September is now complete with SYSTEMATICAL GOODNESS FOR MY VEINS!!!!

Autographs from Mic Murphy and David Frank

Autograph from Paul Pesco

Yep Yep! Eveready Steady strikes in downtown Brooklyn! And you thought I wasn’t gonna see them. I did and I will always remember their faces, hugs, handshakes, conversations, and autographs. I mean, seriously. Their music that have paved the way for current and future electro bands (the one’s in today’s industry) and meeting them at the same time…it doesn’t get any better than this (Keep in mind that The System filmed their 1985 track from The Pleasure Seekers album titled “This is For You” in Brooklyn).

Hanging out with them before and after their performance inside Littlefield NYC (622 Degraw Street) gave me the biggest motherfucking orgasm to my eyes, ears, and body on September 28, 2012: The night of the electro…is a night to remember.

I should say these 3 words I’ve just made up in the order of these three lovely people in these pictures: SYNTHGASM, SOULGASM, EARGASM. *smooches!*

Oh yeah! 😉 😀 😛

after the performance

David Frank (left), Mic Murphy (middle), and Paul Pesco (right)

after the show

David Frank (left), Mic Murphy (middle), and Paul Pesco (right)

performing their big hit from 1987

Live at Littlefield NYC
Brooklyn, NY – 09/28/2012