From what limited info I’ve gathered so far, this is very interesting indeed. Suntory Sound Market (or Suntory Beer Sound Market) is a radio broadcasted show by FM TOKYO in Osaka, Japan. Apparently, it’s known to host interviews of popular musicians and producers with studio tracks (songs from albums) and live shows. It featured musicians (from the United States and all over the world) and music producers such as Jeff Beck (1986) and Quincy Jones (1981) since the 1970s, 1980s and later on. The format of this interview for the Market is: interviews are played while a music track is playing in the background. Also, there are times where live music is played during a broadcast: a live performance being recorded or a live performance that was recorded ahead of time.

This is the Market’s audio-only interview and musical playlist by Japanese musician Toshiki Kadomatsu and American producers/Electro-Soul duo The System. I cut out most of the music to show only the conversations (with/without music). The interviews with the background music was done at the time of this broadcast. Another fact: The System also performed in Tokyo, Japan at the Yokohama Arena after this radio broadcast.

Keep in mind that this interview took place right after The System released their 5th studio album “Rhythm and Romance” (1989) – a second studio album released under the Atlantic Records label since their 1987 hit single and album with the same name “Don’t Disturb this Groove”. The interview was aired live around 2 1/2 years before their very first break-up as a musical group/producing duo (before their 2000 reunion with “ESP” and being back together for good with their new 2013 album “System Overload”).

BTW, if anybody can translate the sentences from Japanese to English, I would be very grateful to read it if possible. Thanx a bunch!

Interviews only (the music was included during the broadcast):


Full Version – The actual 48 1/2 minutes (estimate) of the broadcast can be found at:

The System feat. Toshiki Kadomatsu – Suntory Sound Market

And a picture from Tokyo: