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I’m very excited. There’s a rehearsal footage from 2012 of The System and the rest of the footage from the Littlefield performance. Thank you Lloyd Harvey (Lloyd da Zoid) for sharing this gem and putting the video together.


I know you’re having fun in Cali on your birthday, dude! I got some relatives who are still living there from the Taylor family tree. Hopefully when I go to L.A., I can run into them. Enjoy!!!!!

Yesterday on November 13th, I’ve sent The System’s David Frank a few Ecards for his birthday. I got his email early after midnight. He loves ’em!!!!

Happy Birthday, David Frank! I’m so glad that you like the Ecards I sent ya. Makes me happier than ever. Keep it rocking, dude!

NAMM 2013 Anaheim, California

NAMM 2013
Anaheim, California